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Office Procedure Changes

We are continually monitoring COVID-19 pandemic as it pertains to our area. Based on what we know, we will be implementing some changes in our clinic schedules and procedures in order to protect the children we are privileged to serve as well as adults in our community.  


Now when calling the clinic for an appointment:

  1. You will be asked when scheduling an appointment with us if you have any risk factors for COVID-19.  Risk factors include:  TRAVEL TO AN AFFECTED COUNTRY or REGION or CLOSE CONTACT (WITHIN 6 FEET) OF A PERSON WITH KNOWN COVID-10.

  2. If you have a risk factor above, PLEASE let our front desk staff know when calling for the appointment.  DO NOT show up in the office if you have one of the above risk factors.  We will give you further instructions by phone if your child has a risk factor.  Remember, DO NOT show up at any healthcare facility including local urgent cares or ERs without calling first if your child has a risk factor.

  3. If you think your child's condition is life threatening, DO call 911, BUT ALSO let the operator know your child's symptoms and risk factors so that personnel may take appropriate measures.  


We plan to remain open and available to you and your children through this time. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we strive to remain available to you while protecting you, your children and, our staff as much as possible.


For more information visit:


CDC Coronavirus Disease

Coronavirus Disease 2019 in the United States

Louisiana Department of Health

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